Terms and Conditions

Delivery and return

The vehicle is delivered to the Renter in good condition , without apparent defects and any complaints as to its condition must be made to the Lessor immediately on delivery. The Renter agrees to return, accesories and equipment in good condition to the Lessor at the location on the date and time designated in the agreement. Over 2 ours delay from agreed return time specified in rental agreement(if Renter does notify the Lessor by telephone or e-mail) the Lessor reserves the right to notify immediately the police for car theft.


The rental price and the deposit will be computed on the basis of the prices written on the contract and will be paid at the moment of delivery. The payment made at the moment of delivery cannot be used to extend the rental period. If the client wishes to extend the rental period, he must obtain written permission from the Lessor. The client will pay any extension on the contract in advance. The payment can be made in cash or with credit card ( VISA , Mastercard ) in Euro. The oil, the maintenance of the vehicle, the VAT and the insurance R.C.A ( Asigurarea de raspundere civila ayto ) are included in the price. The fuel is not included in the price.

The Renter must pay the following to the Lessor:

The renting time specifed in the contract. The minimum rental period is 24 hours. The first 1 hour after the and of the rental period is free of charge. Any delay after that will be charged as a full day according to the rental price.

  • Any fine or tax that the renter received or will receive for breaking traffic regulations or illegal parking during the contract.
  • if he loses the car keys or documents, the renter will pay a 200 €.
  • The deposit is 200€ and it will be fully returned if the if the vehicle is returned in the same condition as it was delivery. Otherwise, the Lessor will charge the amount necessary for repairs, as specified by an authorized Auto Service


This insurance is valid only in Greece. The Local Route provides insurance coverage against third parties only to those who have been  granted permission (or authority) to use the car and who have previously checked and accepted the conditions of  the insurance policy ( or … accepted  the insurance policy ) .The Lessee , authorized drivers and other passengers are not covered by the insurance policy . The renter’s – or driver’s , or passenger’s – luggage and other possesions are not covered by the insurance policy either. The Local Route bears no responsibility for any loss , damage , etc. The client may narrow  his liability , towards the vehicle of the company, down to 600 € by pay 10€ per day. Under no circumstances will the insurance policy cover any damage to the car’s tires or bottom. The beneficiary provisions listed above do not apply if there has been a violation of  the road Traffic Act, or if the driver has been apprehended under the influence of liquor or drugs. The client is responsible and wiil pay for the following:

  • Damages caused by inappropriate maintenance of the rented car , and olso engine , gear box or due to lack or insufficient oiling or overheat.
  • Damages caused to any sub-assembly of the vehicle by nonobservance of sefety rules for driving on public roads.
  • Damages caused to any good existing in the vehicle by the negligence of the client or passengers.
  • Damages caused to the vehicle due to taking part of contests or races or due to anything that breaks the rules of the contract.
  • Damages caused to rented vehicle in case the accident happened driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs , narcotics , barbiturates, or any other substance that effected the ability to focus or drive , as well as during committing crimes to legal rules or driving.

Theft or theftattempt, unconfirmed by the police , or if the police has not registered a complaint regarding  the theft or theft attempt.

The lessor cannot be held responsible for accidents suffered by the renter or his /her companions , or third parties , even if the renter  supplied false information regarding his identity , his address or his driving licence. The lessor declines any responsibility to third parties for any damage produced by the renter during the contract. You agree to indemnify us , defend us and hold us harmless from all claims , liability , costs and attorney fees we incur resulting from , or arising out of , this rental and you use of the vehicle. The Lessor is not responsible for loss , theft , or destruction of property belonging to the renter of third parties.



Accidents, Damage ,Theft

In case of accident or theft the Renter has the following obligations:

  • Obtaining the names and adresses of  parties involved in the accident.
  • Obtaining a copy of the ID/Passport, driving licence , car certificate and insurance of the other party involved in the accident.
  • Obtaining the name  and address of any eye witnesses.
  • Not leaving the vehicle without taking necessary cautions for its protection and guard.
  • Notifying the police without delay if any accident , fire ,theft or attempted theft , even if the damage is only partial.
  • Informing the lessor  in 24 hours after any accident, fire ,theft or attempted theft , even if the damage is only partial.
  • Obtaining the Police Report together with the note of driving or not under the influence of alcohol ( the police Report  must mention , in the case of accident,  the note of driving or not under the influence of alcohol);
  • Obtaining the second annex for the insurance company.

Obtaining the Repair Authorization from the Police.


The renter or any other driver who has the right to drive the vehicle , according to the contract , are responsible for any breaking of the law which took  place during the contract.

All diferences are to be resolved in Greek Courts.

All diferences are to be resolved  according to the Greek Law.